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I Graduated from University with a Design Degree!

Dearest reader,

I graduated from Häme University of Applied Sciences on Thursday, 15th of June 2023 with a degree in design, footwear as my major. Therefore, I am now officially a Bachelor of Culture and Arts which is just wild to say out loud!

A girl with pink roses

Needless to say that studying was an interesting experience and the pandemic was certainly an added challenge. Nevertheless, I learned a lot during the past four years about design and footwear. For example, I visited Milan, participated in some amazing workshops and courses, wrote my thesis, designed a shoe collection, held an exhibition as well as met so many interesting and inspiring people inside as well as outside of universtiy.

But most of all, I learned a lot about myself. And now, leaving university, I might not have a clue what is going happen in the near future, but at least, I have a better understanding of the person I wish to become someday. And this, to me, is much more important than any practical skill I learned.

On the other hand, I also feel like there is so much to learn still. There are mountains of knowlegde out there and so little time to consume it all. However, it actually brings me strange peace knowing that I can never learn everything and, therefore, no day on this earth shall be boring but rather filled with adventures. I cannot wait for what's to come, even though, I know it won't be easy.

And that is why, dearest readers, this is only the beginning!


Thank you

To all my teachers and fellow students for memorable four years.

I hope we'll meet again someday!


Yours truly,




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