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Everybody Deserves A Selfcare Day

Amongst the pandemic, daily walks and banana breads the fourth hot topic of todays world is selfcare. An equally annoying and exciting word that promeses a renewed sense of self, clear horisonts and glowy skin with a reborn outlook to the life around you. First, you invison the face masks, the serums and the pamper nights filled with bubble paths, smoothies and foot massages without forgetting of course the manicures and grooming of all things hair. But once you get to the end of the list that thrilling setup of luxury seems to crumble from its very foundation for sefcare is not just lotions and potions. However, it is the part that is most fun! And if it's fun it must be very, very good for you, isn't it?

But to get to the point why I actually decided to write a post about selfcare (a topic I usually shy a way from) is that the other night I was too having a very stereotypical selfcare evening. Very much like the description above: a bit of face mask, then a nice hot shower, new coat of nail varnish and even a smoothie to reset me for the coming week. And while I was very focused on this selfish beautifying ritual I also was uncomfortably aware of the voice of a girl on instagram delaring time after time that beauty rutines are not all there is to selfcare while also advertising a skincare brand. A bit confusing? Or not? Or just something you're obligated to declare because otherwise you're accused of being superficial and kind of dumb?

Either way, between smothering on a face mask and standing in my hot shower I thought "this is so nice that surely everybody deserves a selfcare day". So yes, I do like my beautifying rutines so much so that I think we all need them for the pure fun of it. However, I would never dream of spending a whole week at a spa... There is a limit to everything. But why we still need these rutines is because they are after all very privelege events lockated at the bathrooms throughout the world possesing almoust sacred feel where each rutine is personal to its owner, a hug to oneself and a kind silent word of encouragement.

Simply, be it dumb or not these rutines are the easiest form of kindness to oneself, an act we don't always allow to receive from ourselves.

This makes me remember how much I also rely on my different beauty rutines. They are the things that gets my day started and things that end my day. Little spaces of luxury in a chaotic unsensiable world where face cream and lipstick are at the center of it all. And now that I think of it, serums and manicures are, in a strange way, the very foundation of selfcare. After all, they are the things that you turn to after a horrible day, on a difficult morning or when feeling uninspired. And yet no, they might not offer you a longterm solution or nothing more than a pop of color but in their own curious ways they always manage to brighten some part of your body and soul.

So especially in times of difficulty and stress beautifying rutines are the most fun, most uplifting and of course the most fabulous things you can do for yourself. And it is certainly not a crime or something to be ashamed of to lock yourself into your bathroom for a couple of hours in a week if that's what makes you feel better.

And let's be real, we all need superficial things from time to time.


Do you have beautifying rutines?

Do you enjoy your beauty rutines?

What is your favorite part of selfcare?


Thank you so much for reading!




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