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Guest 2: Heiress van Hazel – Christmas At Grand Hotel, Blogmas 2020


. . . that ever so often there comes a time when one needs desperately to get away from ordinary life: its stress and unfabulous events that so often weights down your good spirit. And as it happens the coming Christmas time with all of its sparkle and glory can be, well, simply too much fo the ones who seek no other than innocent fun, lounging and exciting parties without those mortal preparations that surely put your back in pain. That is when a comfort loving lot of wondrously rich folk arrive with their hundred suitcases to the most magical winter resort on northern hemisphere. . .


. . . a place situated in remote wilderness so far back in north that on December daylight hardly sheds light above the horizon leaving endless sparkle of a winter's night to be the ever occuring state of the visit. With the moon always high and snow and stars twinkling on both ends of the world the curious quests of Grand Hotel soon forget their real life problems leading many more peculiar events to appear. .



Guest 2

Heiress van Hazel

Heiress van Hazel is another yearly guest at Grand Hotel who usually comes at December time to rest from work and take part in Mademoiselle Blues' dinner parties. She's also Grand Hotel's main sponsor's and provides the kitchen and visitors' breakfast toasts with an endless supply of delicuous hazelnut butter. Since she is the Heiress to a famous hazelnut butter company and therefore fabulously rich Christmas at Grand Hotel is the only "suitable place for her kind of unmarried, business woman to spend the hollidays". . . Or that's what she says anyways.

With business always in mind van Hazel arrives at eight o'clock sharp on first Friday of December on the steps of Grand Hotel accompanied by her two cockerspaniels Nutty and Patty. With her sour, unpleasent but curious character she valses in to the Hotel and demands a brief meeting with the manager before starting her "well needed" hollidays at Grand Hotel. "The most important parter of our luxury hazelnut butter company has once again proved to be worthy of that titel", are her famous last words at the end of the yearly eight o'clock meeting from where she retires to her acomidation to enjoy the first hot chocolate of the day which she has a tendency to enjoy even four times daily but what can you do when you have a uncureble sweet tooth and you are a heiress to famous hazelnut butter compan! (The hotel staff believes van Hazel's sugar cravings are due to a hereditary disorder which runs in a family. They have even had to hire another cook specializing in hot chocolates just to meet van Hazel's demands. She's quite a drama queen when it comes to hot drinks. . .)




Recipe for Grand Hotel's Hot Chocolate

that Heiress van Hazel enjoys at least three times a day...

(One large mup)

Oat milk (or your milk of choice)

Hot Chocolate Powder

Chocolate pieces


With your mug measure the perfect amount of oat milk into a pot.

Throw in two pieces of dark chocolate and one teaspoon of hot chocolate powder.

Stir until the chocolate pieces and powder have melted into the oat milk.

Pour into your mug and sprinkle cinnamon on top.


Are you enjoying "Christmas at Grand Hotel"?

Who has been your favorite guest so far?


Thank you so much for reading!

See you in the next one. . .




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