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Guest 4: Miss Chou La Woo – Christmas At Gran Hotel, Blogmas 2020


. . . that ever so often there comes a time when one needs desperately to get away from ordinary life: its stress and unfabulous events that so often weights down your good spirit.​And as it happens the coming Christmas time with all of its sparkle and glory can be, well, simply too much fo the ones who seek no other than innocent fun, lounging and exciting parties without those mortal preparations that surely put your back in pain. ​That is when a comfort loving lot of wondrously rich folk arrive with their hundred suitcases to the most magical winter resort on northern hemisphere. . .


. . . a place situated in remote wilderness so far back in north that on December daylight hardly sheds light above the horizon leaving endless sparkle of a winter's night to be the ever occuring state of the visit.​With the moon always high and snow and stars twinkling on both ends of the world the curious quests of Grand Hotel soon forget their real life problems leading many more peculiar events to appear. .


Guest 4

Miss Chou La Woo

Miss Chou La Woo, a world famous magazine reporter with a weekly occuring glamour column in Code of Mode -magazine, arrives at Grand Hotel just before Christmas eve to start her yearly holiday in the best way possible: to a reservation on one of the hotel's chicest suites on the top floor where the moon shines brighter and the athmospere is covered with a veil of serene yet vibrating silence that soon is to be discovered to be distant noises of the stars singing.

Glamorous to the core but equally comfortable with a selection of luxury pyjamas in silk, wool and egyptian cotton as well as pearls swinging on her neck as if she's entering a wild jazz club insted of a silk sheeted hotel bed La Woo has made no other plans for her holiday than to stay in her room pouring champagne, reading books about European royals and occasionally dancing slowly to the tune of old jazz. With a sharp golden pen which ink is emerald green she might even write down a few lines about Grand Hotel in a leather covered notebook but mostly life is taken to the furthest corner of stylish lounding in the top floor suite.


"Miss Chou La Woo enjoys her holidays

with an ongoing serve of champagne

and a wardrobe mostly consisting of

high jewelry and luxury pyjamas,

a selection she's very proud of..."



Luxurious Pyjamas – DKNY

Pearls – Glass pearls

Parfume – Lancome, La Vie Est Belle

Champagne – Moet & Chandon imperial

Books About Royals – Marie Antoinette: The Journey and Anna Karenina

Lipstick – Lumene Nordic Seduction Lipshine, 13 sunset

Festive Nail Varnish – Mavala London 53


Who was your favorite guest during Blogmas 2020?

Did you enjoy reading Christmas At Grand Hotel?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this year's Blogmas.




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