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Learning to Love One's Fate?

Dearest reader,

Another day I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a concept called "amor fati", a latin phrase translating as "love of one's fate" or "love of fate" that is also understood as "love of the present". The basic idea of amor fati is to accept everything that has happened in your life, happens and will happen as a way to understand the ever changing state of the universe that is also the reason we exsist.

With amor fati both good and bad experiences in life and changes they bring are recieved through a positive outlook. The person you lost, the friendship that died away or the job that you didn't get are all part of your journey through life and that is precisely what was suppose to happen. Throught amor fati you are able to accept the change, learn from the experience and find the so called silver lining.

Learning about amor fati was interesting because I often have a hard time accepting how things have gone down in my personal life. For I am a romantic, occasionaly melancholic, comfort loving person who gladly clings onto the golden memories and fights against or, at least, dwells on the sorrows some unwanted changes can bring. This unwavering mindset shadows every big life change I have ever had and makes the getting-use-to process a lengthy one. So even though, I don't consider myself conservative or my lifestyle traditional I have an annoying quality to hold oldness over newness. And ironically, what I comprehend as old was once new to someone else shamlessly revealing the circle of change life is composed on...

These were my immediate thoughts after reading about amor fati and while some of it is and always will be true, for changes in life are mostly hard, fortunately, I have also found that with time you learn to deal with them better. Recently, I even encountered a situation where I was rejected but because of that rejection I found something that suited me much better. Ever since I have been thinking about how splendidly that situation turned out in the end. And from it a faint, strange, carefully thrilling hope for the near future started circuling in my mind quietly suggesting that perhaps there is a place for me in this world after all.

So, learing to love one's fate? A perculiar quest for a lifetime in just two small words: love and fate. And yet, unknowingly, you have already started the journey.


Are you familiar with "amor fati"?

What are your thoughts on accepting change?

Do you struggle navigating change in your life?

Do you believe in fate?

Have you mastered "amor fati" yet?


Yours truly,




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