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Makeuping Woman – Formula Of Power Look

Our makeup wardrobes hold a multitude of looks for everyday situations, parties, night outs, holidays, job interviews, work hustle and more. Some of them might be tucked away in corners that only get noticed when a special occasion looms ahead. Others are always at hand, reliably delivering their duty when life gets emotional and trying. These trustworhty looks are also something we call power looks because they are there to make us feel our best selfs come what may.

The difference between everyday makeup and a power look is not always clear since often we mix elements of these two according to what is happening. However, this is how I differentiate them: a power look has en empowering quality to it which elevates the everyday look and allows us to reach new leves of confidence on an important day or occasion. For example, a lot of people regard red or boldly colored lips as something daring which gives a sense of empowerment and boosts believe in oneself.

Formula Of My Power Look

For me, power look is definetly all about the eyes. Simple, matte, smokey cut crease style eye makeup with dramatic lashes and a nude lip is what often makes me feel like a million dollars. It is safe to say that my power look is fairly similar to my prefered everyday makeup but possesses much more drama on the eyes.

Eyes: Lumene Natural Glow Bronzer in 1 Artic Summer / Lumene Nordic Chic Pure Color Eyeshadow in 5 Color Play / Lumene True Mystic Volume Mascara / NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shade 1 / Lumene Invisible Illumination shade Golden Twilight

Lips: HAVU Cosmetics lipstick shade Blush / Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liner in 005 Brown N Nude / Lumene Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lip Liner in 3


What your power look is like?


Thank you so much for reading!




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