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One Night in Stockholm – What I Did?

Dearest readers,

Recently, I went on a short trip to Stockholm with my university's summer course "Global Fashion Business". The purpose of the trip was to visit our client's Studio Heijne's store space as well as familiarize ourselves with different retail experiences in Stockholm. I shared some of my adventures already on Instagram but I thought I would quickly share them here as well in case you are planning a trip to Stockholm.

Here is what I did over my one night in the Swedish capital city:


Biblioteksgatan and its surrounding streets are in the core of Stockholm's shopping scene. With a range of scandinavian and international luxury brands you will certainly find options for every price range alongside with cool restaurants and cafes when in need of refreshments.

NK Department Store

The pearl of Stockholms shopping experience has to be the famous NK Department Store founded in 1915 by Josef Sachs. Stocking mainly luxury brands from fashion, interiors and beauty NK is stop for the one who wants to find everything in one place whether it is a Hermes scarf or Italian pasta.


Located in Östermalm Humlegården is a lovely park inside the buzz of the city. There you will find not only huge old trees but also the National Library of Sweden as well as a monument of Carl Von Linne, a Swedish naturalists known as the father of modern ecology. If you visit Stockholm during the summer Humlegården is surely a lovely spot for a picnik in a cooling shade.


Second park that I visited was Observatorielunden, a hill in Vasastaden that looks over the city of Stockholm. This park is more suitable for enjoying views over the roofs of Stockholm as well as grapping a snack from Kafé Himlavalvet, a cute cafe on top of the hill.

Studio Heijne

Kammakargatan 27

The main attraction of the trip was to visit our client Studio Heijne who specialize in custom sized clothing, sustainable fabrics and ethical production (how cool, right!). Basically, during our summer course we are designing retail experiences for Studio Heijne which is why visiting their store was really important. I will tell you more about the project later but in the meantime you can visit Studio Heijne's website to find out more about them or when it Stockholm pop into their store in Kammakargatan 27.


Have you visited any of these places in Stockholm?

What you would recommed visiting while in Stockholm?


Yours truly,




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