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10 Small Businesses to Support This Christmas

Dearest reader,

The time of parties and gifts is upon us which means a gentle reminder to support a small business this season is in order. That is why, I am sharing a few of the most interesting small businesses I have discovered throughout the years from fashion & beauty. Some of the brands below I am a customer of but others I have been admiring from afar intrigued by their beautiful products and stories. Hopefully, you'll find something interesting in here for you own gifting!


Clothing and jewelry on a bed
Featured in the picture: Pavonini boxer shorts, OffOn linen blazer, TBC scarf, Saaren Taika tea tree soap, Audrey Leighton Vintage jewelry & Bonanza earrings

The Pavonini

A Finnish underwear brand Pavonini, founded by an exceptionally chic couple Iris and Jarkko, makes super cute unisex boxer shorts with an oldtime elegance. They can be worn as your typical underwear or as lounge wear which is how I usually wear my blue striped shorts. The Pavonini has a focus on body positivity and their ad campaigns leave little to the imagination in a very fresh and gentle way. I just adore this brand and Iris, the co-founder, is the loveliest person ever!

Tartan Blanket Co

Tartan Blanket Co is a beautiful, sustainable Scottish brand and every cosy girl's dream who sell homewear, scarves, pyjamas and other cosy objects largely made from sustainable or recycled wool. Their scarf collections is simply delicious especially if you are a tartan enthusiast, which is why, I also have one of their tartan scarves in Macleod of Harris Antique Tartan pattern. You simply must check them out!

A girl wearing a tartan suit in a forest.
Wearing my Tartan Blanket Co scarf with a tweed suit.

OffOn Clothing

OffOn is a Lithuanian family business specializing in ethical and sustainable garments made from natural materials such as linen, cotton and viscose. They specialize in seasonless and individual style with a possibility to cutomise products for each customer's measurements. I purchased my first product from them in March via Etsy this year and was super happy with my custom sized linen suit in the colour sage green which I wore the whole summer.

My linen suit from OffOn clothing.


SleepAndWalk, an Ukrainian sleepwear and pyjamas brand on Etsy, sell the most beautiful, classic pyjamas in fun patterns. I have their long sleeved cotton pyjamas in blue gingham print which I ordered at the end of summer just in time for the colder months. I was also able to customise the length of the pyjama sleeves for my measurements which I really appreciated since I am a rather short mademoiselle.

Audrey Leighton Vintage

Based in Paris, France, Audrey Leighton Vintage curates monthly collections of the most exquisite vintage items from garments to jewelry and accessories. Audrey, the founder, also creates her own designs with Parisian elegance and comfort in mind. Previsouly, I have purchased a pare of 1970s vintage earrings and a necklace from Audrey and they have been lovinly used in my wardrobe. A truly magical brand in my opinion!

Bonanza Paris

Bonanza is an absolutely beautiful French jewelry brand with minimalist modern yet vintage feeling designs made in France. Their elegant Mini Emma earrings in gold have been my favorite everyday earrings for years which just goes with everything in my wardrobe. I love all their designs and I want you to know them as well!


Cossa, a Finnish website for more sustainable and circular consumption of beauty sell wastage or surplus products that have been put aside by other brands but are otherwise perfect. Their cosmetic collection changes depending on what products are availble and are sellected according to Cossa's criteria: transparency, quality & long life cycle. The founder, Olivia Bigovic, is a very inspiring woman in the Finnish beauty industry right now and I am sure we will hear amazing things from her!

Clothing and jewelry.
Featured in the picture: Pavonini boxer shorts, OffOn linen blazer, Saaren Taika tea tree soap, TBC tartan scarf, Audrey Leighton Vintage jewelry & Bonanza earrings.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is not only a super talented makeup artist (I mean, she does Dua Lipa's makeup) and one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube but also a creator of Lisa Eldridge beauty and skincare products which are absolutely gorgeous. Especially, her lipsticks are well known amongst beauty lovers across the world and used in various films for their marvelous colours and historical accurasy. So if you or someone you know loves makeup this is the brand I would go for. Hopefully, I will get to try Lisa's products soon as well!


A delightful and romantic French brand I discovered very recently via Instagram, Yolaine, sells super pretty lip products inspired by paintings and vintage Paris. Especially, their lip mousse (mousse de rouge) described as 'chocolate mousse for the lips' pared with an oldtimy floral printed tube and a gold lip brush fascinated me so much I wanted to include them in this list of wonderful small businesses. Besides, they have fabulous gift sets for Christmas!

Saaren Taika

I discovered Saaren Taika via Instagram ad and was immediately impressed by their story and sustainable values. Basically, Saaren Taika sells natural cosmetics and cleaning products that are mostly made in Finland. Their products are known to help and heel severe skin conditions by the power of pure, natural ingredients. Personally, I suffer from acne which led me to try out their tea tree soap which has help in cleansing my skin even better with better ingredients. I just adore what Saaren Taika does and am excited to try more products from them.

Top tip


Small Brands on Etsy



Did you find new & interesting small businesses here you would like to support?

Do you or someone you know have a small business you would like to give a shout-out to?


Yours truly,


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2023년 12월 02일

Hi Ciiri.

Very interesting post, because when you buy vintage, you're doing circular economy.

To this Christmas maybe I'll buy a vintage dress.



1월 12일
답글 상대:

Thank you Gwen! ❤️

And sorry for replying so late but I hope you found that vintage dress for Christmas 🤗



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