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5 Reasons to Shop More on Etsy – a Marketplace for Humans

Dearest reader,

I have made three clothing purchases this summer and two of them were via Etsy, an online marketplace where a community of people, craftsmen, artists and small businesses from all over the world can sell and purchase products. Moreover, Etsy has a particular focus on unique handicrafts and trade there has a kind and cosy atmosphere, which is why I (as a fellow crafter) have been opting for shopping there over other online stores. And since I enjoy Etsy so much, I am going to share why you should too!


Support & Discover Small Businesses

Personally, I get super excited when discovering a new-to-me business with gorgeous quality products, interesting stories and beautiful artisan skills. However, it is not always easy for businesses to stand out or for us consumers to notice smaller brands in the midst of loud retail and fast circulating trends. But thanks to Etsy there is always a possibility to find interesting small businesses to support locally or globally.

Good Quality for a Fair Price

While handmade items and handicrafts can sometimes be more expensive than factory made items, there is a real sense of fair pricing on Etsy where sellers offer genuinely good quality, well crafted products for a reasonable price. And every once in a while, you can even find products for less than what a bigger brand would offer for similar items.

Get Customized Products

I have talked about custom sizing here before when I purchased a linen suit from OffOn (see the pictures below & read the post here) and I certainly cannot ignore it now because I have found that on Etsy it is much more likely to get products tailored to your needs and wants than in traditional online stores. For example, the other day I ordered a pyjama set from Sleep and Walk who sell via Etsy and was able to change the sleeve and trouser lenght for my own measurements. This is so revolutionary for me as a short woman and makes purchasing more enjoyable knowing I don't have to worry about getting things tailored afterwards.

A girl in a green linen suit
My custom sized linen suit from OffOn who sell via Etsy.

Personal & Direct Communication

When I tell you that Etsy is a kind comminuty of sellers and customers who love unique handmade products, take my word. Whenever I have been in contant with sellers or fellow customers via Etsy's direct messages the service has always been super lovely, swift and considerate, truly a human-to-human interaction. Also, I love how many people leave helpful comments and reviews about products which aid making your own purchase decisions.

In short, Etsy is a great place to discover all kinds of unique items and support talented craft people who are trying to do business more sustainably and considerately.


Do you shop on Etsy?

What are your favorite stores on Etsy?


Yours truly,


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