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Autumn/Winter Knitting Chat – Projects I Dream of Right Now

Dearest reader,

Last spring I shared a blog post where I talked about my spring/summer knitting plans and potetial projects to do during my holidays. And now that we are in autumn I thought it would be fun to share my autumn/winter plans seen as we have entered the most wonderful and cozy time of the year for us knitters. Furthermore, if you need some knitting inspiration I hope that this post may provide you with a spark of excitement for your own knitting projects this autumn/winter.

So, let's see what knitting projects I have been dreaming about!


Knit dream 1


There is one type of knit I am missing in my knitwear collection and that is a long, cozy, almost coat like cardigan which looks fabulous but feels like wearing a wool blanket. A heavenly combination if you ask me! And since autumn is in full swing I already made some plans based on a piece of vintage 1980s fur my grandmother gifted me at the end of summer. Basically, I would like to do something extravagant with the fur that suits my style and color palette. Below, you can see a sketch that gives you a rough idea of what I am thinking about: green and purple hued yarn, big pockets, a belt, gorgeous buttons and decorative fur pannels. How do we feel about this?

Knit dream 2


I have some just enough green yarn left from last year's cable knit vest project for a matching bonnet. I usually wear berets in winter but this cable knit bonnet could be a lovely addition to my casual headwear wardrobe. Believe it or not but I have never knitted a bonnet so it will be a new knitting experience. We shall see whether I succeed or fail!

Knit dream 3


For a couple of autumns/winters there have been a craze in traditional, beautifully patterned fair isle knits and Iceland knits which I am here for, even if, a little bit late to the party. However, this autumn/winter season I would absolutely love to create my own fair isle inspired knit vest for they are just so gorgeous and, dispite their trendy status, very classic knitwear pieces. And I think it would elevate my classic tweed suit splendidly!

Have a look at my Pinterest for some fair isle vest inpiration here and here.


What you would like to knit up this autumn/winter?

Are you a fan of the fair isle knit?


Yours truly,


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