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Cherry Blossoms! – Celebrating Spring In Looks

Early spring is a time of cherry blossoms and in Japan March and April time marks the annual cherry blossom festival called Hanami which means "viewing flowers". During Hanami cherry and plum trees are filled with pink and white flowers which people gather to watch and enjoy together. Because the flowers last only a couple of weeks before falling down cherry blossoms have become to symbolize the fleeting sense of life and beauty and the fact that nothing lasts forever.

We used to have cherry trees on the front yard of our old house. The trees didn't produce edible cherries but it did bloom into beautiful pink flowers during spring. I was really fond of those trees. I loved watching them through a kitchen window and, especially, I loved walking under them as if they were leading me into a more magical place than an ordinary row house. I also remember thinking that whoever had planted them had made a wise choise and that person must have had a very precise eye for beauty since out of all of the trees in the world she/he had chosen cherry trees.

However, there were always one irritating thought shadowing the joy of the cherry tree and it was the fact that as soon as the flowering started you also knew it wasn't going to last forever and that if you were about to enjoy the flowers to the fullest you must not leave the garden. Needles to say that the only solution to this is what the japanese do: They have a holliday from school and work during which they set camps and picnics under the cherry trees so they can enjoy the beauty of flowers. How simply fantastical! But now my queastion is, why don't we have hollidays from school and work so that we could see the blooming of spring!?!? It would seem completely sensiable to celebrate the lively things happening under our noses. All I ever want is to live two weeks under a cherry tree!

But I guess that is also the magic of cherry trees. They flourish with a mix of melancholia and breathtaking beauty. And then they bare sweet fruit to perhaps to say "sorry, for my flowers won't last but that's my lesson for you since it is a necessity to learn to appreciate life as it happens".

So perhaps someday I shall plant a small forest of cherry trees and sleep under pink veils and falling petals knowing I saw and celebrated a symbolic moment in a cherry tree's life. And maybe, one day I am even able to go all the way to Japan and witness a real Hanami festival.



NYX Professional Makeup – Ultimate Utopia shadow palette – shades 1, 2, 6, 7 and 9

Lumene – Invisible Illumination Nordic Glow Palette – shade Pink Blossom

Lumene – Nordic Seduction Lipshine – shade 13 Sunset

Rimmel London – Lipliner – shade 021 Red Dynamite


Eyes: Start with applying a light pinky peach shade all over your eye lid. Then take light and darker brown shades and apply them on to the upper lashline. Next with a pink eyeshadow shape your crease with a soft cut crease style and blend the color far out from the outer corner of your eye. Then use the same brown shades on the inner part of your lower lid and the pink shade on the outer part of your lower lid. Lastly, add light green glittering shadow onto the inner corners of the eyes as well as your brow bone.

Cheeks: Add pink blush heavily on to your cheeks and connect it to the pink eyeshadow on your eyes.

Lips: Line your lips with red lipliner and add a red lipstick or a gloss on top.


Have you experienced Hanami celebrations?

What is your favorite part of Spring?

Do you have a special cherry tree memory?


Thank you so much for reading!




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