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Summer Skin – Light And Cooling Face Base

When I imagine summer I see beautiful dresses with vintage lace gloves and white cotton or linen, maybe some tiny blue flowers and big sand colored straw hats with silk scarfs. But when it comes to makeup or beauty things can suddenly seem a little lackluster, heavy, powdery and just too much during the season when effortless and natural beauty is all we want. Even mascara sounds too uncomfortable, too dramatic and, gosh, just too much of a fuss to stress your eyes with.

Quarantine has, anyway, got me super lazy with makeup and, for the first time in seven years, I have given my skin a long needed break. But as much as my skin needed a break I still love makeup and beauty, therefore, I wanted to create a light, cooling and, most of all, effortless summer face base for all the light glam I know I'll still crave this summer.




The idea for this cooling face base came from two things. Firsly, I always get some aloe vera for summer as it is naturally very cooling, helps with sun damage as well as moistures and heals bug bites and rashes. Secondly, I still need something light to even out my skin tone so a light, serum foundation from Lumene has been my go-to during the past year. Therefore, mixing these two products seemed like a wonderful idea as well as the dreamy skin solution we all have been waiting for.

Ingredients For Light And Cooling Face Base:

1. Pure Aloe Vera Gel

(I use one from CCS which I got from my local pharmacy.)

2. Your Favorite Foundation

(For this look I'm using Lumene Instant Glow Beauty Serum.)

Take a bean sized drop of aloe vera gel and mix it with a little bit of your foundation. Then blend the mixture on to your face using your fingers for natural, effortless finish. For extra step you can add a little bit more aloe vera on to your cheeks for moisture and glow.

Tips: Aloe Vera is also an excellent primer for your lips and looks great under lipsticks. You can also use your lipstick as a quick blush to minimize products.

Products used:

Lipstick – Estee Lauder 110 Nude Reveal

Lip liner – NYX Professional Makeup SPL860 Peekaboo Neutral

Nail polish – Mavala London 53

Brows – Lumene Nordic Chic eyebrow pencil 2

Concealer – Lumene Nordic Chic highlighter

The finished look is light, cooling and easy to wear without that heavy powdery feeling of makeup. You can add an extra pop of color with a bright lip which looks extra beautiful when wearing a minimal face base.


What makeup and beauty products are your favorites for summer?

Do you wear makeup in summer or does it feel too much for you?

Would you like to see more summery makeup looks?


Thank you so much for reading?




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