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In a golden afternoon...

Once upon a time, in a huge, 18th century country house, dreamy things started to happen on a one golden afternoon...

When the sun is out, and the morning turns into afternoon, everything gets a golden hue. The clear blue sky above a rose garden, in front of the country house, makes the bare stems of the rose bushes shine a golden light. It looks like the world is bathing in gold as the icy, white snow reflects light everywhere and the icicles on the edge of the roof dribbles water in a sparkiling sunlight. Watching this view is like looking through a diamond rimed glasses with yellow lenses or walking in a hazy, warm dream.

Even the birds are singing their uplifting tune:

We are little birds of the white rose garden

and we sing in every golden afternoon

We are little angels of the heaven on earth

and we sing in every golden afternoon

We care every creature of the white rose garden

that's why we sing in every golden afternoon

We love the sun and the sky and the little, white rose garden

So, we must sing in every golden afternoon

We wake up every spring to an afternoon filled with gold

therefore we sing in the golden afternoon

We want to sing and be heard outside the white rose garden

So, together we sing in the golden afternoon

We are the little, white birds of the white rose garden

and we sing for every golden afternoon

This peaceful afternoon is surely the perfect time for all kinds of magical things to take their places in the world. After all, you never know if the flowers on your windowsill really can sing. Maybe you can hear their riddles if you're very, very quiet and listen very, very carefully.

This is what they might be singing even in this very moment:

"Every time you blink an eye

A new star is born in the sky

A new life so strange, too far away

Just listen now, if you may

You can hear a silent tune

But gone it will be too soon

And what you hear depends on this:

Your heart, spirit, mind and wish

What did you hear?"


"You can learn a lots of things from the flowers

For especially in the mounth of june

There's a wealth of happiness and romance

All in the golden afternoon"

– Alice in Wonderland (The Garden/All In the Golden Afternoon)


Glorious things to do just in the golden afternoon:

1. Have a cup of tea

A warm cup of sweet, flowerly tea with runny, orange honey is the perfect match with the golden light of the afternoon dreaminess. Drink your tea from pretty, painted, porcelain cups and sit by the window so the sun can pet your face with its soft, warm rays.


2. Bake a chocolate cake

It is known that any afternoon, especially a golden one, cannot exist without a chocolate cake just like a tea party wouldn't exist without tea. Therefore, get your apron out and fly to the kitchen to make your golden afternoon dreams a reality.


3. Throw a fancy tea party

Because drinking tea alone is not always fun, and the golden light, shining from the outside makes you miss the laugh of your friends, you need to throw a proper, fancy tea party. So, put on your most beautiful shoes and lots of jewelry to deliver your best high society look. Then add real, edible flowers to each cup and let them slowly float in the sweet, golden nectar. If you want to make you party even more sensational buy lots of roses and put them everywhere around the tea table for a magical and posh atmosphere.


5. Plant a rose bush

A garden full of roses can start from just one little rose bush. And a golden afternoon is surely the suiting time to do just that. What's more, if you plant your rose bush now it might bloom by the time of midsummer fest. And even if you don't want a rose garden, it is nice to have a little, pretty rose bush in your livingroom, isn't it?


4. Or maybe have a glass of champagne

A bubbly, yellow champange that takes you to a good, high spirited mood and gently relaxes your senses, is the perfect drink to celebrate with the extraordinarity of life. As the the sun dances with the golden waves of the drink of happiness, you'll realize you're flotting in a world as bubbly and wonderfull as champangne.


6. Paint you nails and toes red

A golden afternoon is not a time to shy away from color. And what could be more fun than red nails? So, give yourself a little pamper session and get that red nail polish out of the dusty cupboards. You'll see that a smile will instantly rise on to your face and the world seems oddly happier when wearing red nail polish.


What would you do in a golden afternoon?


Thank you so much for reading!



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