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Knitting Plans for Spring And Summer 2022

Dearest reader,

It is no secret that I am crazy about knitting and over the last couple of summers I have taken up special knitting and crochet projects. This year is no different except that I want to share the process with you. Therefore, in this post, I am sharing my raw knitting plans or knitting daydreams which I hope to complite during the summer. Remember that these are mainly just knitting ideas and starting points but as each project goes forward I will update you on how they might change and develop.


Idea 1


My number one knitting project this summer is a pistachio green cardigan with light pink vintage glass buttons I oreder from Etsy which have not arriwed yet but I am eagerly waiting them. I actually do not have any long sleeve tops that are not wool for summertime so this cardigan is going to be somewhat practical. As a lover of cable knits I am, of course, using this wonderful cable pattern I found through Pinterest.

Idea 2


I don't usually wear a lot of pink but for some reason I have been gravitating towards it recently. Which is why, when I discovered these two excess yarns left over from other projects (barbie pink and tender lilac) I thought they might look rather delightful together. However, there is only enough yarn for a bralette or a crop top.

Idea 3


I bought this bady blue yarn in the beginning of April thinking I will create a simple dress with it that I could easily wear everyday. The only problem seems to be that I cannot decide what type of dress I want or do I actually prefer a skirt and a top. Currently, I am thinking about a v-neck style but I am still not sure. If you have suggestions I would be happy to hear them!

Idea 4


This is another pink excess yarn project. Basically, I want to knit a lovely fluffy skirt and then add some pink ostrich feathers onto it. To be honest, I mainly want to do this one because it sounds so much fun to wear but realistically I might not have enough time in the summer with all of these other projects. We shall see what happens!


Do you have knitting projects planned for the summer?


Thank you so much for reading!

Yours truly,



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