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Making of Cycling Shorts –How To Do "Trends" Sustainably

Cycling and bermuda shorts are a bit of a trend right now as you have surely seen them all over instagram, online stores and magazine's trend sections. Shorts in general are a summer stable piece for many, but are often expensive and when thinking about purchasing a pare you might find yourself doubting whether they're in for the long haul. Especially, for us living in the colder parts of the world shorts season covers only one fourth of the year, making many torn between on-trend summer wardrobe and the shortness as well as coldness of summer. One solution would be to buy a pare that's going to last you for years and years, however, in the era of sustainable living the other obvious option is secondhand. But there's also a third solution to the shorts fever, namenly, making them yourself by recycling some of your old jeans.


The idea of making shorts out of old pare of jeans is not a new discovery at all. But surely something we can still use ones in a while when a new denim trend is taking over the world or when you just find yourself craving for something different. For example, I found myself really liking this longer short fashion and really wanted to have something similar but wasn't sure if I wanted to pay as much as a good pare would have cost. So, I decided to make use of my old jeans and turn them into longer shorts I was so desperate to have. And they cost me nothing but a 30 minutes of my time while also being considerably more sustainable than buying a new pare.


How to cut jeans into long shorts

1. Find a pare you no longer wear and feel comfortable of cutting. Please note that you have to take the general style of the jeans into consideration before cutting your jeans. For example, loose jeans will of course be just that, looser, when skinny jeans will give you that tighter shorts look.

2. Put on the jeans you want to cut and with a pencil mark where you're going to cut them.

3. Take your jeans off and with a sharp pare of scissors cut straight along where you marked the length of the shorts. This doesn't have to be too perfectly done, just make sure both your lengs are the same lenght.

4. After cutting put your jeans back on to make sure the hems of the legs are where you want them to be.

5. Take off your shorts and do any alterations if needed.

6. Now that you shorts are the perfect lenght you should see some threads on the edges of the hems. You want to pull the threads out with you fingers. This makes the edge look more raw and like you didn't cut them an hour ago. If you can't get the edge look raw and worn enough with your fingers take a needel to really get in the hems. Ones your hems are as distressed as you want them to be your shorts are ready to be worn and styled.


Long shorts in four ways

Pop of Blue

You can never go wrong with black and white look, especially when pared with denim for a pop of blue. So, dress up your classic white t-shirt and jeans look with a cute blazer, some killer heels and a perfect casual bag from Longchamp. Lastly, add some dainty pearl earrings for a moment of glamour.


The Holy Trinity

The holy trinity of my personal everyday style is something white, blue denim and gold clip earrings. This is the look that everyone can wear, style up or down easily and most likely already own. What's more, any shoes will look amazingly with this outfit from trainers to heels and even sandals.


Chic, Casual and a Little Extra

Ones again a white blazer look but you truly can't go wrong with denim and a white blazer. And to spice up the classics a little bit I put together a leopard print hat and brown boots. You could also style this look with some colorful heels or a super sized earrings.


Strike of Color

Long shorts look suddenly super fresh when pared with oversized 80s jumper, strappy vintage heels and eye catching pearls. Wear this look with simple makeup and sleek hair for a touch of modern day elegance.


Lastly, I challenge you to recycle, rewear and revamp your old clothing that haven't seen the light of day in a long time. Put your imagination to use and find new ways to wear your jeans but most importantly dare to be different! World changes by changing the way we do things. Every try counts because small changes can grow into bigger ones.


Thank you so much for reading!

And let me know in the comments or on instagram (@posh_blog) if after reading this you took a plunge in to your wardrobe's deep end and created something new out of old.



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