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Spring wardrobe checkup – Colors, Trends and Classics

When it is not dark at six o'clock in the morning, you know that this time winter is going and spring is coming. The air is fresh in a new way, we can actually see the sun and the birds are singing their happy spring tunes. Most of all, we can't wait for those last remains of snow to melt away because we don't need that watery mess to ruin our shoes... But before flowers and grass starts to grow we have to sort out the wardrobe situation that's been sitting in the back of our minds for quite some time.

The biggest question here is: what in the world to wear, buy and search for this spring's fabulous outfits? Can I reuse my old pieces and how to make them new and fresh again, and what totally new can I incorporate with my older, much loved favorits?

Here are everything you need to know about this spring's most wanted colors, old classics we can't get enough of and delivering the famous reborn spring attitude:


Colors of the season


Citrus and yellows

One of the biggest colors for the season of spring is yellow and along side with it limes, oranges and other citrusy tones make their way into spring fashion. Bright, lemon yellow looks fresh and playfull with flowy dresses and blouses, but also gives a little extra spice to your tailored suits. While deeper and more wibrant yellows delivers a bold sunset wide that will fulfill any color lover's hearts.

If you're not comfortable with bright colors and feel like a colorful dress is just too much, try colors first with accessories. For example a lemon yellow sunglasses or a light green scarf are easy to corporate with your everyday style wihtout being too overpowering.



Another big thing of the spring 2019 is, believe it or not, beige. Beige trech coats, beige tailoring, beige accessories, beige hats... Basicly, the more beige the better. So, don't shy away from those all beige outfits but tame the color to your liking and show everybody the fabulous side of beige.


What's more to love

Colors that are also exciting for the spring are sky blue, tomato red and power pink. Wearing any of these colors your outfit will not blend in the sea of trends but stands out ready to face whatever the spring wind carries in your way.


In just now



The fabrics of choice this season are crochet and knitted everything. From matching set to adorable dresses and super cool bags crochets cool, yet stylish texture and patterns gives a chilled element to your outfit wihtout being overly boho while making sure you won't get too hot in the upcoming sprin/summer sun. Crochet is also something easy to add into your spring/summer style because it's not too over the top but gives that little push, excitement and texture to your look what you might need after a long winter. Just a little top or a vest will do the trick and you look instantly ready for spring time.


Basket bag

A basket bag is yet again the bag to love this season. One start to wonder if the basket bag is becoming a modern day classic? Anyhow, we can't get enough of the stylish, super cute basket bags that are the perfect way to dress up any outfit while still keeping it fun. So, if you don't have that go-to spring/summer bag take a look at some basket bags which you'll find in any store at the moment.


Classic spring spirit

When we think of spring I feel like most of us think of light, fun colors, colorful flower print and flowy dresses. You also probably think of green grass, clear blue sky, the yellow sun and the nature that wakes up after a long, cold winter. Basicly, spring is about being inspired by the wake up of the world that makes us crazy for lightness, colors and flowers. Therefore, we crave for that magic of rebirth in clothing as well.

I aslo feel like spring gives us some newly found energy and lighthearted spritit that makes us want to wear either daring colors or very dreamy, almoust pastely tones. What's more, I feel like spring makes us fantasize about idyllic country life, picnics on flower meadows and straw hats with silk scarfs. And before you know it, you'll find yourself dreaming about fluffy lambs, little bunnies jumping away in the fields, having work at a royal horse stable and riding a sky blue bike on Sundays. And all of the flower prints and light colored dresses would go perfectly with this slow country life fantacy.


The Flower Print

Flower print is adorable, romantic and super feminine which is why so many women love it, especially during spring and summer. But, if you are someone like me, who just doesn't like wearing flower print but want to have the vibes of the most feminine fabric in the world, you can maybe follow my lead and put your flower dress under a long but thin jumper so that the flowers aren't the main focus of the outfit. Or you could introduce flowers in your accessories like scarfs or even tights to get a little bit of that flower vibe but still remain in your comfort zone.


The White Suit

White is one of the easiest colors to wear in spring because it's very sophisticated, light and classic, plus there's always white items in the stores no matter the season. White is also a good color for styling and experimenting with other colors because everything goes with it and you'll look super chic at all times. Not to meantion, the fact that white suits won't make you too hot in the spring/summer time and you can easily pare them with t-shirts, dresses and colorful shoes or statement jewelry.


The Lace Dress

Lace is another fabric that never really goes out of fashion and is ones again very feminine but also sophisticated. It gives interesting texture to the outfit and is good for leayering. Especially white and light laces are very classical and not too hot, but the best part is that lace reminds me of 1910s luxurious summer dresses without looking dated. So if flowers aren't your thing then maybe give a lace a go. After all lace is one of those true classics.


Thank you so much for reading!



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