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A Bit Of Red – Small Doses Of Happy Colors

I am sure most of us agree that a good set of well cared nails are always a delightful sight especially during these days when typing away at our laptops and phones increases the time we spend looking at something as exciting as our own hands. Therefore, recenty I have found it oddly important that the hands I lay on the keyboard every morning at 7:30 are as pretty as possible. And now that I think of it, perhaps my hands even type better when wearing a fresh polish...

Either way, of course it is not just about typing with beautiful fingers but also about feeling more put together when you talk with your hands or write down a note. Sometimes it's even about being adventurous when putting on a color you're otherwise too scared to wear (I am the only one who feels that during these pandemic days it feels like a revolution to try on a new bright color?). But most of the time it is about feeling special which is what we need while in these uncertain times. We need to feel better to do better and if a fresh coat of nail polish is a part of your better mood then perhaps it is not all so vain. Besides, aren't colors considered to have powers that can change or uplift your mood? That's what I have hear anyways.

So as it happens for me nail varnish, and especially red, has always been the height of everyday luxury. For red continually suprises with its loud but sophisticated shade as I pull my hand out of a winter mitten or when I look at my fingers through a bathroom mirror smoothing on face cream or as I gaze down at my feet in the shower to see those red, wet toes. And every time I wonder, how just a bit of red can suddenly spark tiny, unexpected moments of joy.

That is why, every week I try to do my nails which is quite simple but something that instantly makes me feel better. Just two coats of my favorite gold capped red nail polish that shines beautifully as light hits it is enough to restore my believe in magic and release brain capacity for taking care more serious things (not that I really do anything that serious though). Needles to say that time after time I am more convinced of the fact that nail varnish might be the best beauty product in the world.

And when it comes to a little bit of red I feel like in small doses it has always been the happy, exciting color of mine. Which leads me to wonder whether you have a happy, exciting color as well?


What is your favorite nail color?

Do you find fresh nails as thrilling as I do?

What is your happy color?

Do you believe colors have power over our moods?


Thank you so much for reading!




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