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Trying Lisa Eldridge Makeup! – Foundation, Lipstick & Lip Pencil

Dearest reader,

I am finally trying Lisa Eldridge makeup and since some of you might be interested I thought writing this post could be helpful and fun. You may know Lisa Eldridge, but in case that is not so, she is a fabulous makeup artist, Youtuber, vintage makeup collector and a business woman from the UK. Lisa is known to have worked with the likes of Dua Lipa and Kate Winslet, she had a TV show focusing on historical makeup and her products are frequently used in some of the biggest films and series such as The Barbie movie and the Crown.

However, before I even knew about all of the above, I just followed Lisa on Youtube and was particularly fascinated how much knowledge she has about makeup, especially historical and vintage makeup. I am a bit of a nerd so anything historical excites me! In fact, a lot of her own makeup products have been inspired by vintage makeup or historical cosmetics whether it is the colours seen in old portraits or the shade of a vintage lipstick.


What Products I Got

Lisa has a lot of different products ranging from lipsticks to eye shadow and foundation to highlighter, however, I only got the products I would use the most in my everyday life. Although, I was tempted to get more lipsticks!

Seamless Skin Foundation – No. 3 Light with Golden Undertones

53,00 €

Ever since Lisa launched her own foundation I have been wanting to try it. It has 40 shades and a lot of science behind it. Lisa says it is self setting, natural looking and buildable coverage with a soft focus finish, and I completely agree. I have an acne-prone, combination skin and was able to build the coverage without looking caked. Also, I didn't need to powder! So far I am truly enjoying this product and the colour match is okay considering I bought it online.

Enhance & Define Lip Pencil – Petal

23,00 €

Because I am one of those people who never does lipstick without a pencil, naturally, I had to try one of Lisa's. She says her lip pencils are smooth, long wearing and smudge and waterproof which is exactly what they are. The colour 'petal' is described as 'a spring peony in bloom' and is a light warm pink. I like this colour, however, it seemed lighter online than what it is in person.

Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour – Le Mépris

32,00 €

Lipstick is my favorite makeup product and Lisa is known for her amazing lipstick formula as well as colour. So there was no way I was going leave her website without one. I got the shade 'Le Mépris', a nude colour inspired by a Brigitte Bardot film. Lisa says the Luxuriously Lucent lip colours are sheer to semi-sheer, luscious, smooth and light, and once again she is right! I think this lipstick is stunning, super comfortable and absolutely beautiful in that champage gold bullet.

A Sample of Skin Enhancing Treatment Cleanser

I was pleasantly surprised with a sample of Lisa's balm cleanser, another high science product with lots of good oils. It felt gorgeous during my first try and removed makeup very well leaving my skin super soft but clean. So, if you are looking for a new cleanser this could be a good one!

Lisa Eldridge makeup products
Smeamless Skin Foundation shade 3, Enhance & Define Lip Pencil in Petal, Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour in Le Mépris.

The Look & Wear

As you can see, I did a really simple makeup look, so I could see how the foundation in particular performed. I didn't use any concealer or powder but the foundation stayed looking smeamless and skin-like as it is suppose to. So I am very happy about that. Of course, the lip products were as amazing as I was hoping for, only a touch deeper than my expectations but still beautiful. I am such a pale girl and my natural lip colour is also really light, which is why, most nude lipstick still look quite dark on me.

Watch the application here:


I want to say how much I love Lisa's branding! The L with the lips and beauty mark is so elegant and whimsical! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and found this review helpful. I will certainly order more lipsticks from Lisa in the future. So stay tuned!


Have your tried Lisa Eldridge products before?

What is your favorite product from Lisa?


Yours truly,


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