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Blueberry Liner – Makeup Looks For Autumn 2020 2/3

This september has been surprisingly autumnal which sounds stupid since it is autumn but the weather doesn't always change this drastically and almoust over night. It has been rainy, windy and sunny then cloudy and even misty but sadly talking about the weather is always taken as a boring topic so let's talk about something else, like makeup for example.

Namenly the second look of our autumnal makeup series is about blue liner or blueberry liner, if you want to be more poetic, which is super easy and fantastic way to not only spice up your makeup wardrobe but also test out something new. And who doesn't like to test new, fun things once in a while, especially, during a season of change? Also, playing with a little bit of colorful makeup can help to take your mind of from the pandemic and other difficult things going on in the world right now. So give it a try and cheer up together!



Key products:

Juvia's place The magic by Juvia's -palette (colors Zakiya and Yejide)

Charlotte Tilbury filmstar bronzer and glow,

L'oréal Paradise Extatic mascara,

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick 110 nude reveal

NYX lip pencil peekaboo neutral.


How to get the blueberry liner -look:

First do your normal base makeup and if possible add an orangy toned blush to compliment the blue colour of the liner. I used an orangy toned eyeshadow called Zakiya from my Juvia's place eyeshadow palette. (the first picture)

Moving to the eyes take your favorite light brown eyeshadow (I am using my bronzer/contour colour) and define your upper and lower lid area with it. (second and third pictures)

Then take a blue eyeliner if you have one or use a blue eyeshadow like I am doing in here. Draw a normal wing on your upper lid near the lash line and drag it down also onto your lower lash line area but don't take the blue all the way to the inner corner. Instead leave it halfway on the lower lash line. (fourth picture)

After drawing the liner with a small detail brush like this (fifth picture) blend the edges of the blue liner so that they become softer and smokier.

To finish the eyes curl your lashes and add your favorite mascara. I am only applying mascara onto my upper lashes but you can put it also onto your lower lashes if you wish. (the sixth picture)

Lastly, apply your favorite nude liner and lipstick to complite this blueberry liner makeup look. (seventh and eighth pictures)

The finished look is sophisticated and fresh with a fun touch of blue on the eyes. Remember that you can also change the color to fit into your personal style and makeup preferences. For example, a deep purpule or dark green liner would look amazing as well.


Would you wear blue liner?

What is your favorite autumn makeup look?


Thank you so much for reading!




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