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Chocolate brown smoky eye – makeup tutorial

Now that trees are finally changing into their autumn clothing of red, orange and yellow, and the nights are getting darker at last, is time to update not only your wardrobe but also your makeup rutine. You can forget light peach and pink of the summer and start thinking about rich browns, delicious deep reds and plums of the autumn.

As always when moving into fall we start craving for comfortable, fluffy jumpers, warm peppermint tea and cosy movie nights under wool blankets. Therefore it's only fair that your makeup matches to the dark scenery of burning wood in the fireplace. You know, matching with the environment is essential!

This post is all about simple autumn makeup and how to move your look easily into the new season. More over, the look which this post is about, is more of a deeper, brown smoky eye everyone can pull of.

1. Use conseler or light eyeshadow in oder to create a clean base. This makes sure colors stand out better and blending is way easier.

2. Take a light brown shadow and blend it into your crease with a fluffy brush.

3. Take a light shimmery brown or very light pink and place the colour onto you eyelid. Don't take it to the crease.

4. Take a fairly light brown that is still deeper than the brown in step 2 and blend it little lower in your crease.

5. Find a deep brown shadow and blend it quite low in you crease but avoid the center of your lid where you placed the shimmer earlier.

6. Apply a bit more of the shimmer onto your lid because you might have lost it a bit while blending. At this point put a little bit of brown onto your lower lid as well for smoky look.

7. Lastly apply little inner corner highlight and mascara. You can also run a little bit of brown or black liner onto the upper water line of your eye.

Here's the finished look. To make this look extra autumnal you can add a deeper red lipstick or really rich brown lipstick. But I just wanted a touch darker lips than usually because I just love nude lipstick so much that I still want to wear nude even in autumn.

Thank you so much for reading!


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