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Chocolate Eyes – Makeup Looks For Autumn 2020 1/3

It is finally September which means Autumn, also know as my favorite season, has finally arrived, although weather is still leaning to the warmer side but hopefully not for long. Namenly, I am counting down the days for when I can start wearing all the lovely wool jumpers in my collection and throwing on a big beautiful coat with matching berets and shoes! It literally gives me a thrill to just think about the autumn fashion which is also why I am starting autumn blog posts early this year so I can make the most of the season here on the blog as well.

So what is the best way to kick start Autumn 2020? With a delicious autumnal makeup look, please! I thought so too my friend. In fact, I used to do so much more makeup looks in the early days of the blog but nowdays makeup has slowly creeped into the backround and hardly ever gets a mention. That's a shame and we need to change that, therefore, today's post happens to be a part 1/3 of this autumn's mini makeup series where we rediscover the magic of makeup through, you guest it, some fun autumn looks.



Key products:

Matte dark and light brown eyeshadows (using Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette shades musk and oud), a nude lipliner (NYX peekaboo neutral), a brown lipstick (Estee Lauder 130 intense nude) and a mascara (L'oréal Paris Paradise Extatic).

This chocolate eye makeup look is super simple and easy since those are the best looks in terms of time and style. The rich shades of brown also remind me of hot chocolate (hence why I called this look chocolate eyes) and cinamon which makes anyday a little bit cosier, more tasty and warm. What's more, brown shadow is quite commonly found in most makeup bags so I hope that you're able to recreate this look with minimal effort.


This is how I created chocolate eyes:

Take your darker brown eyeshadow and place it all over your eyelid. Do not take it all the way to the crease, instead try to concentrate the color on your moving eyelid area. Also don't blend it yet just place it with a patting motion so that the color is intense. Use a brush or a finger for this step. (the first picture)

After you have laid down your dark brown take a smaller crease brush and dip it into your light brown eyeshadow and start blending the edges of the dark brown color. Soon you will see the harsh edges disapear into the lighter brown. Then just swipe what ever is left on the brush onto your lower lid for soft defenition (the second and third pictures)

Curl your lashes and add your favorite everyday mascara. (the fourth picture)

Lastly onto the lips. I used my usual nude lipliner and then switched my lipstick to shade a darker in order to create a richer and bolder look. (the fifth and sixth pictures)

The finished look is still wearable, classic and goes with most outfits and occasions while adding a bit more fun and drama to your style. Actually, this looks is also great for transitioning from day to night since not a lot has to be done: only a bit of eyeliner and you're ready for a dinner or date night at home, facetime call, seeing a few friends or what ever you enjoy doing in the evenings.

...Ouh, and don't forget your hats friends!


Do you like changing your makeup according to the seasons?

Are you happy autumn is here? What is your favorite season?

Would you like to see more makeup looks here?


Thank you so much for reading!




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