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Dramatic red makeup look

In todays post I'll be sharing a dramatic red makeup look. I wanted to do something glam but out there and I think this look is exactly it. So if you want to know how to recreate this look scroll down to read more.

This look was actually inspired by Nikkie Tutorials' latest video where she asked people to wear something red in the honor of her late little brother. I was very touched by the story Nikkie told in that video so I felt like this was the right thing to do. If you want to know more about why I wanted to do this red makeup look go watch Nikkie's video on her youtube channel.

Since Nikkie's brother died recently for cancer Nikkie created a makeup look for her channel using his brother's favorite color; red. Nikkie is one of the most talented beauty gurus in youtube, and no suprise one of my favorite as well, so I really just wanted to do something for her and her brother.

So Nikkie and Nikke's brother this is for you.

Those we love and lose

are always connected by

heartstrings into


– Terri Guillemets

Steps to create the look

1. Start with a light shade in the grease. I used light brown.

2. Take another brown but a little darker and place it lower in the grease.

3. Pack red or pink toned shadow on to the outer corner of your eye and blend it. Be carefull so that the red shadow stays just on the outer part of your eye.

4. Take a dark brown shadow and put it with a small dense shadow brush on to your eyelid in a wing like shape. Don't wing it out on the outer corner but focus it more so in the inner part of your eye.

5. With an angled shadow brush, press a black eye shadow in a wing like shape and this time wing it out on the outer corners.

6. Take a pink or a red shimmery shadow (I actually used both) and place it on to the blank space in the inner part of your eye.

7. Use some brown and peach toned shadow on your lower eyelid and connect the top wing to the lowerlid with some black.

8. Lastly add some mascara and tight line your top water line with black wooden liner.

And the very final step in this look is of course the glossy red lip. You can do any kind of red you prefer but I recommend pink toned because the eyes are pink toned red. You can also do matte lips or something rosy or even brown.

Thank you so much for reading.




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