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Green, Shimmery Eyes; Makeup Tutorial

Today's makeup tutorial is going to be an easy, colorful makeup tutorial, where I use shinny green eyeshadow and then blend it with soft browns. I was just so drawn to this green that I thought it would be nice to do this tutorial as well. I wanted this to look to be statement, really smooth edges and well blended eye look.

This look is super simple and obviously, if you don't like green you can easily change the colors to your liking. Lilac or blue would be cool also. Without further do, let's get in to the tutorial.

1. Start with puting highlight on to your brow bone and inner corner

2. Take a light, bronzy shade of brown and work it in to your crease and to the lower lid with a fairly fluffy brush

3. Take a glitterly green eyeshadow and press it on to your lid with your finger or with a brush. Then take a bit deeper but quite cool toned brown and start blending the shadow on to the outer and inner corners of your eye. Don't forget to add drown to your lower lid as well. This makes the eye look a bit more smokeyer and at the same time you're blending the edges of the green shadow.

4. Now take a flat brush and more of that green eyeshadow and press the shadow on to the lid again and this time also all the way to the inner part of your eye. Leave the outer part of your lid bare from the green.

5. Then blend shoftly around the edges of the green shadow using a brush from earlier when you applied the bronzy, light brown in the step 1.

6. Lastly apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes and... the look is finished.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you'll be back for more.




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