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Guest 1: Mademoiselle Blue – Christmas At Grand Hotel, Blogmas 2020


. . . that ever so often there comes a time when one needs desperately to get away from ordinary life: its stress and unfabulous events that so often weights down your good spirit.

And as it happens the coming Christmas time with all of its sparkle and glory can be, well, simply too much fo the ones who seek no other than innocent fun, lounging and exciting parties without those mortal preparations that surely put your back in pain.

That is when a comfort loving lot of wondrously rich folk arrive with their hundred suitcases to the most magical winter resort on northern hemisphere. . .


. . . a place situated in remote wilderness so far back in north that on December daylight hardly sheds light above the horizon leaving endless sparkle of a winter's night to be the ever occuring state of the visit.

With the moon always high and snow and stars twinkling on both ends of the world the curious quests of Grand Hotel soon forget their real life problems leading many more peculiar events to appear. . .


Guest 1

Mademoiselle Blue

Mademoiselle Blue is one of the visitors at Grand Hotel who comes to stay at the magical resort every year during December time. By now she has her favorite room, favorite staff memebers, yearly memberships to hotel's VIP club as well as her own table at the food halls where she spends most of her stay entertaining her ever changing circle of friends. It's safe to say that Mademoiselle Blue has never mastered anything else better than the art of being a hostess and that's why she also relys on her famous dinners so much so that she throws three dinners daily in the great food hall and at the end of her stay gives an enourmos dinner party for the whole hotel. One could being to think she's hired to give such extravagant performances.

However, if we ignore the ever golden and glittering stunt of a dinner party nobody really knows who she is and how she became to have such huge sums of money needed for those endlessly, luxurious dinners. But rumor has it that Mademoiselle Blue used to be a well-known blues singer few years back and even went for a world tour but put her career on hold for a gambling obsession. Needless to say no one has ever hear her sing but the gambling payed of so well that she was able to buy a parisian town house with three floors, marble hallways and a rooftop view to Eiffel tower.

In Paris she quickly became known as the queen of dinners and was nicknamed Mademoiselle Blue for her passioned love towards the color as well as the mysterious background as a forgotten blues singer. Nowdays, she continues to entertain guests with a success that has secured her place as Paris' one main turist attractions. After all you can see the Eiffel tower from her rooftop.


Mademoiselle Blue's always matches her looks with the food she servers to her guests. Therefore here's a peek to three looks Mademoiselle wears during her dinners at Grand Hotel...


dinner n°1


Sugar plums with frosty roses -look is a blue toned purple eye makeup look with a light pink hue on the lips and cheeks.

Get the look...

Use light pink shimmery blush all over your cheeks.

Lay on a light brown base color on your top and lower eye lids.

Pack purple bluish shadow on top of the brown eyeshadow and take it all to way to your brows.

Curl your lashes and add mascara.

Line and fill in your lips with pink lipliner.

Tap some pink lipstick on top.

Key products

Lumene – Invisible Illumination [kaunis] Nordic Glow Palette – Rosy Dawn

Lumene – Natural Glow Bronzer – 1 Artic Summer

L'oréal Paris – Oil Eyeshadow – 45 Reacher

Lumene – Nordic Berry Volume Mascara – Black

Lumene – Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lipliner – 3

Joe Blasco – Lipstick – Fawn


dinner n°2


Candycanes and strawberries -look is a high blush makeup look from cheeks to eyelids with a juicy red lip and heavy doll like lashes.

Get the look...

Add blush heavily onto your whole cheek.

Take the same blush you used for cheeks and apply it to your upper eyelid with a finger.

For a added definition place some light brown eyeshadow onto to the outer corners of your upper eyelids.

Curl your lashes and add a lot of mascara to your top and botton lashes.

Line your lips with a red lipliner.

Lastly, add some red lipstick.

Key products

Lumene – Invisible Illumination [kaunis] Nordic Glow Palette – Pink Blossom

Lumene – Natural Glow Bronzer – Arctic Summer

Lumene – Nordic Berry Volume Mascara – Black

Rimmel London – Lipliner – 021 Red Dynamite

Lumene – Nordic Seduction Lipshine – 13 Sunset


dinner n°3


Gold powdered Turkish Delight -look is all about shimmery gold for high glammour and bronzy nude shades for smooth definition just like a bit of soft Turkish Delight!

Get the look

Add bronzer all over your face for soft definition.

Take golden highlight shade and tap it onto your cheek bones.

With the bronzer shade or a light brown eyeshadow shape softly your eyelid area both top and lower.

With a light brown eyepencil draw a thin soft wing from the outer coner of your eyes extending it upward.

Take the same golden highlight you used on the cheeks and apply it onto your brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.

Add mascara onto your top lashes.

Line your lips with a nude lip liner and lastly add your favorite nude lipstick.

Key products

Lumene – Natural Glow Bronzer – Arctic Summer

Lumene – Invisible Illumination [kaunis] Nordic Glow Palette – Golden Twilight

Lumene – Eyebrow Shaping Pencil – 3

Lumene – Nordic Berry Volume Mascara – Black

Lumene – Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lipliner – 4

Estee Lauder – Pure Color Envy Hi-Luster Lipstick – 110 Nude Reveal


Which was your favorite look?

Who do you think Mademoiselle Blue really is?

Are excited for Blogmas this year?


Thank you so much for reading!

See you in the next one. . .


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