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How I Became "A Skirt Person" — Hunting Of The Perfect Skirt

You read it right. Skirts in winter have been something I have totally fallen for and believe me when I say that it is unusual. "I am not a skirt person" I have reminded myself so many times when deciding between a cute skirt and a pare of trousers. But winds have turned in these past mouths when I came across few too-good-not-to-get skirts during my usual vintage shopping trips to a nearby city which from now on I call The Oasis Of Vintage.


How I became a skirt wearer?

You ask, how can a person go from begin a jean lover to a skirt maniac? Well there's a lot that needs to happen between changing your general mindset to actually having the courage to pay 40€ for a second hand piece. Will I wear it? Is this going to be a waste of money? Are my legs going to freeze in the wind? These are just some of the unsolved questions hanging in the thought buble above your head that somehow I managed to solve.

So, everything happened during two seperate shopping trips to The Oasis Of Vintage. First time I actually did not buy any skirts but surely I was dreaming about that perfect Scottish tartan skirt for colder autumn days. It was September at the time as well as one of the rainier days in The Oasis Of Vintage. However, I was in an exeptionally good mood despite the wetness and that I was wearing my light pink bunny sneaks from Minna Parikka in the rain! Can you imagine!

We visited four different vintage shop during the first shopping trip and one of then turned out to be horrible but the other three were miraculously quite good and I found some great accessories. But it wasn't until the last shop we visited that my good mood was crowned with a trip back in time to the 1970s London. I know this sounds a bit weird but I might have seen the young Mick Jagger! Well... at least someone that look liked him...and was blonde...but you get the picture.

The third shop called Yesterday was the smallest, most full packed space of true vintage items from 50s to 90s I have ever seen. The clothes hanged from floor to sealing with three or more layers of stuff stacked on the same hanger. All the shelfs were filled with clothing, shoes and handbags. And the tiny path in the middle of it all was so narrow that if two people were to pass each other they would have to half lay on the pillow of vintage furs behind them and half try standing up on just on one foot while walking towards an interesting dress in the corner.

Seeing what I just descrided to you was enough to get me excited but when a young man dressed just like someone from the 1970s London got me believing I truly had walked back in time into a vintage shop in 1970s Oxford Street that sold second hand Biba. Me and my friend could only stare our mouths open as the young Mick Jagger (but blonde) went past us to find some corduroy pants in the back of the shop. As if this wasn't enough excitement the shopkeeper herself was absolutely hilarious as well.

That was my first shopping trip like. Quite wonderful, right? It is needles to say that I was in a good mood by the time of our second shoppin trip to The Oasis Of Vintage. And it did not disapoint me. Remember that perfect Scottish tartan skirt I mentioned? Well, I found one presicely what I had been looking for in terms of color and style. What's more, the skirt was actually made in Scotland and was from some old, adorable store in Edinburgh. And then when we went back to the shop called Yesterday I somehow managed to find, wait for it... an ultramarine blue leather skirt! I still can't believe my luck.

So, I became a skirt wearer within just two fabulous shopping trips. But no matter how nice time we were having or how many Mick Jagger duplicators you meet it's also important to know the style of skirt you like before buying. For example, I like quite strait skirts with a simple siluette pared with tartan, tweed or leather and preferably a one with a darker color. I also opt for longer skirts rather than mini skirts. Therefore, I usually look for a midi leght.

If you're unsure about what is your style or lenght preferens then I suggest simply trying on different type of skirts. You can also think about what type of trousers you particularly like when buying a skirt and go for something similar in fabircs. For instans, if you enjoy leather trouserts or jeans then it might be a good option for you to look into leather or denim skirts. This way the skirt you chooce will most likely fit with into your style and wardrobe as well.

For this outfit I pared my Scottish tartan skirt with a light blue poloneck jumper. Then, for accesories I chose a blue beret, a green bag and shoes, some silver jewelry and black tights.


Why a tartan skirt?

It is no secret that I love tartan and checks on top, bottom and everywhere in between and therefore recommend it for everyone. But what is it about tartan that I and so many others love? Why in the world would I dream about a Scottish tartan skirt? And why would anyone get excited about finding one in a local vintage store?

Here's my reasons to why we all should own a tartan piece:

First of all tartan is sooooo classic, its a unisex pattern, warm if it's wool and looks so good with knitwear. Second of all tartan is suitable for all year round. You can wear it in winter, in autumn, in spring and even in summer. But what's more, a tartan skirt is always easy to style because it's statement but also simple, it has many different colors runnig through so you can easily build your color palette. Tartan is also quite formal but at the same time casual which makes it suitable for everyday wear as well as more fancier events.

For this second tartan skirt look I went for a red team because I thought it would be something a little bit different from my usual colors. So, I pared my mini leght tartan skirt with a navy poloneck jumper and some red accessories such as boots, a scarf and a beret. Lastly, I added my white quilted bag with gold hardwear.

If you want to read more about tartan and see more cool looks here is a post that I made about checks:


Thank you so much for reading!



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