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Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette

First let's just say that my swatches aren't the greatest but I swear these shadows are beautiful and very pigmented.

Colour range

So recently I got my hands on the amazing Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. This palette is full of beautiful warm shades from bright purple to shade shifting golden duo-chromes. These shadows are easy to blend, talc-free, highly pigmented within a bit of magic. In the Desert Dusk palette you get 18 eyeshadows in four textures: 8 mattes (desert sand, musk, eden, amber, oud, amethyst, saffron, blazing) 6 pressed pearls (blood moon, Nefertiti, royal, cashmere, angelic, turkish delight), 3 duo-chrome toppers (celestial, twilight, retrograde) and one glitter (cosmo).

Colour range in this palette is well thought out, full of warm tones, beautiful shimmers and interesting duo-chromes. All of the colours go well together and you'll be able to create so many different looks with them. This palette will stand out from the sea of palettes because it's unique and for me at least something I have never seen before. My favourite colours in the palette are beautiful warm red Saffron, bright purple Amethyst and glitter Cosmo.


Even the packaging is so stunning and it matches with the colours in the palette and the picture on the cover is beautiful, yet inspiring. I love the name Desert Dusk as well and I think it's really suitable for this palette.

The makeup look

And finally this is the makeup look I created using the palette. It's very warm toned and I tried to keep it quite simple.

1. Blend Desert Sand in to the crease as an transitions shade.

2. Take Eden and warm up the crease.

3. Use Amber kinda all over the lid but concentrate most of the pigment in to the crease area.

4. Take the colour Musk and use it only on the outer corners.

5.Put Nefertiti on to the eyelid but don't get it on top of Musk.

6. Use Desert Sand and Eden on your lower lid. Concentrate Eden mainly on to the outer part and Desert Sand to the whole lid.

7. Take Musk and push it close to your lower lash line focusing it mainly on the outer corner.

8. Add inner corner and brow bone highlight.

9. Finish the look with some mascara and if you want little extra drama, add some black shadow on to you lower lash line where we previously put Musk.

How the shadows performed on the eyes?

All of the shades blended really well but the more shimmery ones have a little bit of fall out but look stunning. All of the mattes where great and didn't really have any major fall out. If you don't want fall out just do your eye makeup first especially when doing more dramatic eyes. All in all these shadows are so beautiful and fun and worked really well.

Final thoughts

If you're thinking of buying this palette or you love the colour range, I would say go for it. I personally really like this Desert Dusk palette and will continue using it.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you'll come back for more.

Love ya!




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