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Soft wing makeup

Today I'm sharing this soft quite glam wing makeup look. It's the perfect look for everyday wear or for a party or even for a wedding. For example I wore this look to my friend's birthday party. It's glamorous, pretty but still cool. This makeup also goes with almoust any outfit. It's not too dramatic and bold but offers a bit more to your look than just a brown smokey eye.

This look is perfect for you if you're not used to wearing dramatic black liner or you just want something a bit more turned down. It's flattering for every eyeshape and can be changed to a colour of you choice in case you don't want to wear brown.

1. Take light brown shadow and put it into your crease.

2. use just a tiny bit darker and a bit cooler toned brown to your outer courner.

3. Take dark brown and lightly start adding it to a wing shaped shadow.

4.Use a little bit of black just to the root of our wing to make it a bit more dramatic.

5. Add that first and second shades of browns you used in the steps 1 and 2 to you lower lid and add some mascara

Remember to blend everything well!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this short makeup tutorial.




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