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Summer lookbook. Makeup edition.

In todays post I'm going to be sharing four makeup looks I've done during summertime. Soft and sweet looks for a hot summer day will hopefully help you to update your favourite natural glam. And two bit more adventurous looks are perfect for a night out, a party or for a rock concert.

Tea parties in rose bushes and strawberries by the beach! This look is sweet, young, cute and most importantly easy to pull of. All you need are some pink toned eyeshadows (urban decay Naked 3 palette), light pink lipstick (YSL Rouge volupté shade 1) and some bright pink blush ( Sephora flirt it up) and you are ready to hit the heat in style.

Get yourself some Coca Cola and drive to the sunset in San Francisco! This look is full of warmth, nude tones and definitely got some sunset vibes. In order to achieve this look grab some warm chocolate brows ( Urban Decay Gold Griot palette) and your perfect nude brown lipstick (YSL Rouge Pur Couture shade 70) and let the night of your life begin.

Lollipops and cotton candy in a carnival by the sea where the air tastes salty! This look is perfect for those who love to experement a little more. It's also the hardest look out of the four but don't you worry. Use concealer after you have applied crease colours to carve out half of your eyelid and then just add some darker colour to the outer corner of the lid. In order to achieve a purple half cut crease use pink and purple tones (urban decay Naked 3 palette), and to get that sugary feel use light sparkly shadow or pigment on top of the concealer. I bet you can taste the sweet just by looking at it!

Get ready to party in New York and let your wing do the talking! Our final look is this crazy blue winged liner that makes sure you're the star of the night. Use warm tones (Urban Decay Gold Griot palette) in the crease and go wild when doing the liner and make sure you smoke out the lower part of it for cooler look and you my dear are set for parting till the sun rises.

Thank you so much for reading! I had such fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well.




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