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The classic makeup look – Ready to hit a stardust road?

Street lights, snow, frost and dark nights are all part of this time of year's festive season when walking home from late night parties and dinners, surely feels magical. Despite the fact that you're tightly wrapped into a brown fur coat and wearing wool lined, red, leather gloves, your cheeks are turning into light red and the cold winter air somehow slithers under your cashmere jumper. Frost, cruching under your boots, covering tree branches and walls of the houses, twinkels like stars in the moonlight. It feels as if walking amongst a million stars of the heaven and when you look at the moon it almoust seems like you could touch it and lick sugary dust from its surfase. Maybe you could reach the moon. Just take a carousel ride and gallop through the air with you pegasos but remember to take the stardust road because that's the only path leading to the moon. Then you could gather yourself a lot of moonsugar and sell it on the market and no one wouldn't believe it's actual moonsugar but when they would go on to use it, it will make everything taste better than usually, even salty foods.

Having a handfull of moonsugar would be a miracle but if this isn't the time for miracles then I don't know when is. So get your cheerfull sprit up and dance your way through the magical nights with a little help from everybodys favorite makeup. Candyapple red lips and midnight black liner will win the hearts of all magical creatures as well as those who seek just a touch of happiness into their tired life's.

This makeup look is all about classic, bright, red lips and black eyeliner that have dominated the world of beauty from makeup's earliest days. These iconic products are timeless and loved by all true makeup lovers throughout the globe. They never go out of style, or have you heard wearing red lips or eyeliner is old-fashioned, probably not. You want it or not red lipstick and black liner are the royalties of makeup and will be until the end when moon becomes lonely and earth burns into the ground. Then we all need to have little magic carousels with pegasos's so we could fly to the moon and keep her company.

To get the classic makeup look do these steps...

1. Apply light highlight shade on to your inner corners and browbone. Highlight will brighten your eyes and lift them.

2. Take cool toned brown eyesadow and apply it in to your crease and don't forget to put some color onto your lower lid as well. This gives your eyes depth and shape.

3. Use gold shimmery shadow and place it on to the center of your eyelid.

4. Take the light highlight shade you used in the step one and apply it on top of the gold to make the center even brighter.

5. Draw a wing using black eyeshadow or pencil.

6. Apply mascara to your top and buttom lashes.

Final step is to add you favorite red lipstick and smile so widely your theet will sparkle all the way to space.

This look is perfect for almoust any occasion because it's bold enouh for a party, universal enough for anyone to create, it fits in to everyones budget and it's fun enough to brigthen you day to day life. Not to mention it will go with any outfit and even your grandmom will think you're elegant. So be bold and grap your shoes because tonight you're invited to a party on sugar coated moon and your pegasos is waiting in the cold. So horry up!

"Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle littel star

How I wonder what you are"

Thank you so much for reading!




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