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The Magic by Juvia's

The sun and the moon have been there for a very long time. They shine in the sky giving us light. Without the sun there is no life or joy and without the moon there is no rest and harmony. They're the absolute symbols of night and day. They're the only things that seem to remain the same decade after decade. Many cultures have named god's and goddess's after them, dedicated days and holly places to them and even worshiped them in the hope of getting into their favor. Like in every aspect in this world harmony can be found when there is two opposite forces remaining the balance, and that applies to the moon and the sun as well.

The Magic by Juvia's eyeshadow palette is all about the sun and the moon and the harmony between them. The palette has a sense of ancient history brought to the modern day. It's magical shades and interesting design instantly catches you eye and makes you wanna play with it in a hope of turning into an ancient goddess.

The packaging

I think is safe to say that this palette's packaging is something I have never seen before. The illustration on the palette is just so stunning and absolutely appropriate to the theme of this palette. It's simple but effective with an idea that's completely unique. Also the names of the shadows are I believe african related which is another lovely and different touch.

The shadows

This palette has six matte eyeshadows (Zakiya, Kesi, Nana, Kogi, Ife, Yejide) and ten shimmers (Nubia, Osun, Zuba, Boronu, Faso, Aja, Vai, Yemoja, Yara, Buzo). Half of them are more orange tones like the sun and the other half has more blue tones like the moon but they all go very well together. These shadows are super pigmented and rich in colour. They blend very well and stay on all day leaving barely any fall out. And an absolute plus is that the pans of the shadows are actually huge compared to other palettes I have, so you get a lot of product.

The makeup look

1. Use very light brown to the crease. I used one from Urban Decay

2. Take a blending brush and blend the edges with light peachy shade. I used one from Huda Beauty.

3. Take a cool toned brown and define the crease. I used a Huda Beauty one.

4. Use a bright blue shadow and place it on the outer corner of the eye. I used Yejide from The magic by Juvia's palette.

5. Take any black shadow and deepen the outer corner but don't take the shadow too high.

6. Take Aja from The Magic by Juvia's palette and place it on to the blank space on the inner part of the eyelid.

7. Repeat the crease work from the step 1, 2 and 3 on the lower lid and put some blue Yejide on to the outer corner.

8. Add some mascara.

Final thoughts

This palette is great if you're looking for a very highly pigmented palette with interesting colours. It's fairly priced (35$) and will surely be a wonderful addition to your collection. And if these shades aren't what you're looking for go to Juvia's places website and choose one you like whether is nude or pink or purple they got it all. Other places where you can get Juvia's palettes is Beauty Bay.

Thank you so much for reading and a huge thanks to my friend who gifted this an amazing palette to me and made this post possible.





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