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Two easy makeup looks for summer.

Hello everybody!

Today I just wanted to show you two makeup looks that I did during the past weeks. I wasn't planning on posting this but since I took the pictures and all I figured why not share them here as well. I really like how the makeup turned out so hopefully you'll like them too.

Fist I'm going show you a pink look. (In my previous post I spoke about pink eye looks so check it out for more if your interested.)

So this eye is really simple. Just use pink, purple, peach and blush toned shadows. Start with the lightest colour on the grease and then slowly darken on the outer corner. You can keep it all matte if you want but I added some shiny orange toned colour on to the center of the lid. The key to achieving this look is blending. So keep your blending brush close and those edges soft and smoked out.

I like this soft and winged out look but if you're not a fan you can totally keep it more rounded. Usually a winged out eyeshadow opens the eyes and for the most part it's really flattering. But do whatever works for your eye shape.


Because this is a pinky look you can use more blush on your cheeks to really make it pop.

If blush isn't your cup of tea you can also do a darker or more colourful lip. For example brown lip would look absolutely stunning.

Products used:

NYX love contours all palette, NYX highlight and contour pro palette, NYX strobe of genius illuminating palette, NYX sculpt & highlight face duo, Smashbox photo finish foundation primer, Smashbox studio skin 15 wear hydrating foundation, Clarins wonder perfect mascara, Sephora blushes in flirt it up and orange punchy sunbaked, Maybelline colour tattoo in 75-24K Gold and ColourPop lippie stix in she bad.

Next look is going to be more simple and neutral. It's just easy, simple nude eye that goes with any lip colour. I used the same winged out technique just with different colours and kept it a bit more lighter this time.

I think lashes are the key to this look especially if your going for nude lip. Lashes will add more drama and power to your eyes since the shadow is much softer and lighter. Also when it comes to neutral looks I think brows are very important. Make sure you don't over pluck them and that the shape suits to your face. You can also go for bigger and bushier browns to make them stand out.

Now lips shouldn't be much of a problem here. Any lip colour should go with this makeup and look amazing. Personally I love red and especially orange red. So that's what did. This lip colour is so fun but yet classic. You just can't go wrong with it while having the summer of your life.

Lip colour:

Rimmel 1000 kisses stay on lip contouring pencil in red dynamite and NYX soft matte lip cream in San Juan.


If you're not a red lip lover but still want to wear a statement lip that is a bit more toned down try pink. There are so many different pinks on the market that I'm sure you'll be able to find something that suit you.

And of course if you're in love with crazy colours just go for it.

And well of course I had to do the nude lip. It's just so easy and pretty.

Lip colour:

ColourPop lippie stix in she bad

Products used:

NYX highlight & contour pro palette, stored of genius illuminating palette, love contours all and sculpt & highlight face duo, smashbox phono finish primer and studio skin foundations, Clarins wonder perfect mascara, Sephora blush in orange punch sunbaked.

Thank you so much for reading. See you in my future posts.

Love you!




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